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Sharepoint Workflow Dashboard

Keep SharePoint workflows under control

In a large company numerous active worflows are likely to cause problems with their monitoring and control. SharePoint Workflow Dashboard will help you to save your time.

Key Features 

        Single dashboard for all workflows.

        Batch cancel and restart workflows.

        Flexible sorting, filtering and grouping.

        Export to various formats (Docx, Excel, CSV, PDF).

        Support of all SharePoint 2010 editions including foundation.


If you have any problems using the software or require an enhancement to it please use the discussions tab and we will respond as soon as possible.

Get all information in one place

All the information about workflow instances is presented in one place. Analyze workflow states, duration, start time and navigate to workflow details using rich grid interface.

Plumsail workflow Dashboard - all information in one place


Apply flexible filters, sorting and grouping

Filter, sort or group the list of workflow instances by multiple columns. Get information about all workflows for a specific web or list and sort it by duration or start time. Use various operators to filter, for example StartsWith, Contains etc.

 Plumsail Workflow Dashboard - Flexible filters


Export data to various formats, batch cancel or restart workflows.

You can filter and group workflows and export them to various formats (Excel, Word, PDF and CSV).

Batch cancel or restart selected workflows.

Plumsail Workflow Dashboard - Export


Note: If you have any feedback regarding this application then please create a new discussion thread OR log an Issue.

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